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Logos and Fonts, Video Edits, Sports Edits, in both the digital and physical domains.

Logos and Fonts – Since a logo is the visual entity signifying any business or organization, your logo design is one of the most important areas you should spend your time on initially. Your logo is the central element of a complex identification system that must be functionally extended to all communications of your organization. Therefore, the design of logos and their incorporation into a visual identity system is one of the most difficult and important areas of building that iconic and immediate identification with your company. With every good logo, is a recognizable font that can add to your branding desires. Using a font can make your logo or branding pop, with a unique theme that is relevant to your brand. Whether you own an Italian restaurant and want an authentic-looking font for your menus, or a film maker who wants to create a menacing trailer with rugged font, text will enhance your message and help your brand become more recognizable!

Video Edits – By using animation, video clips, and slideshows, videos can enhance your brand by adding life and energy to anything! Whether you’re a sports player who wants to showcase their skills, a restaurant who’s aiming to show the world their creations, or a newly-wed couple who wants to show their best moments together, a video can take any brand, business, or individual to newer and better places.

Sports Edits – Athletes have always tried to get scouts to look at them, and what can get a scout’s attention is their skill set. However, it’s not always easy for a player to come up with a jaw-dropping, eye-catching highlight reel. Sometimes, it takes more. At Perrin Visual Design, we can take your highlights, your training videos, your weight-room maxes, and any shots of athletes in their element to help get players noticed by collegiate and professional scouts alike. We can also take a photo and enhance it, listing stats, height, weight, and school so that you can post awe-inspiring posts on all social media sites. And, for the athletes that do end up committing to a college or getting signed by a pro team, we can take a photo of the athlete and jersey swap them into their new team’s gear!

Physical Domains – Our “Finches Creative Corner” designer produces all your branding needs! Shirts, Keychains, Glassware, Household Designs, Awards, Vehicle Decaling, Vinyl Decals, Fabric, Balsa Wood Cuts, Thick Leather, Homemade Cards, Christmas Tree Quilts, Felt Dolls and Soft Toys, Shirt Transfers, Baby Clothes, Doll Clothes, Calligraphy Signs, Jewelry Making, Wedding Invitations and Save The Dates, Menus, Place Cards and Favor Tags, Coloring Book, Coasters, Metallic sheet designs, Keychains, Headbands and Hair Decorations, Cake Toppers, Fridge Magnets, Window Decals, Scrapbooking Embellishments, Stencils Temporary Tattoos, Addressed Envelopes, Glassware Decals, Decorate Tumblers, General household decorations, Cushion Transfers, 3D Bouquet, Gift Tags, Purses and Clutch Bags, Coin purses, Dog Clothes and Dog Tags, Christmas Stockings, Hanging Corkboard, Cupcake Holders, etc… Let Perrin Visual Design help you make that lasting impact for your business or organization so that with only one look others know exactly who you are!